Goal Do+ … social?

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Hi, I’m currently working on a big project : Social Goal Do+

But in order for it to come quick, I need your help!

More information on the project are on the page here :

Please contribute if you can, and share if you like!

Here’s the description I made in the page itself :

Did you like that video?

That’s almost done, but what I see is more than that.

I want to give you more than “yet another task manager”.

Because you know what?

The way I see this, it’s not a task manager.

Who am I?

Ok, first things first : I’m Martin Gamsby. I make a whole lot of things for myself, for my personal pleasure (and also to help others at the same time 😀 ).

On a side note, if you haven’t noticed : I’m Quebecker (french-canadian), which means english isn’t my native language, so I’m sorry if there are any errors in my text! Please tell it to me so I can correct it.

So I like creating software and websites for others, and lately, I’ve been almost obsessed with that android app I’m working on.

Even if I’m studying for my Software Engineer Baccalaureate, I can’t help it, I have to take almost all of my free time on Goal Do+.

So what is it anyway?

A goal manager?

Not quite. Well it is, actually. It currently is only a goal manager. But I need your help to let it become much more that that.

My Vision

I want Goal Do+ to go social.

By going social, I mean this : Get new ideas from the web, from professionals or from your friends. Talk about your life goal, or new habit you need to get or lose. Get Peer pressure,

I will need to detail this, and I will, but I intentionnally let it that way, because I want you to help me get this the way YOU want, not me. I know approximately how it will look like, but I don’t know what you NEED. And that’s what I want to do : I want an app that helps you get things done, not let you pretend you try to achieve new goals, but actually help you achieve them.

Go VIP and I will almost certainly do what you ask for! (But still, I can’t do magic). I will also listen to each and everyone of you, but I will put more attention to VIP members, because I can’t do everything either! Maybe I will, if one day I can live from Goal Do+ and go full-time on it 🙂

I want Goal Do+ to let everyone actually get things done.

I want Goal Do+ to help you to get a better life, for real!
I want Goal Do+ to be a personnal secretary, trainer, and friend.

If you fear it’s going to be a paid service, don’t worry, it’s going to be free, with a pro version for additional tools, or premium content from professionals, NOT for actually getting things done!

What I Need & What You Get

Ok, now why do I need funds?

  1. First of all, I need funds to have a decent server to host your accounts info and everything else, especially if I want to go social!
  2. I would also like to hire a professional designer, to ensure the design is beautiful and intuitive, because on the first version of Goal Do+, I tried to do it myself, but I had a lot of bad comments on the design, so I had to hire someone. I now need someone to do all the other features I want to add!
  3. I have to ensure everything is SECURE. I will need to run security tests and hire security professionals to be sure everything is safe.
  4. Also, maybe you didn’t notice in my intro, but I’m a student. I can’t survive if I don’t work at least part-time during my studies.But if I work part-time … I get less time to develop! So I need funds to let go of my part-time job and focus on Goal Do+!
  5. If I don’t reach the $5000 goal, I will still do it, but it will only take more time, since as I just said, I have to survive before the launch! 🙂

YOUR Impact

I explained it, I will explain it again : I need you to help Goal Do+ get social : explain exactly what you need. Even if I have a general idea, I need more feedback from you to get the perfect app for everyone.

I need you to add goal examples, and share them.

I need you to BE the social part of Goal Do+!

Other Ways YOU Can Help

Hey, every dollar helps!

But if you can’t contribute, get the word out, make some noise about Goal Do+. Use the tools up here and on indiegogo to share!

Also, keep updating on the project to contribute your social part when Social Goal Do+ goes live! Because you will make the difference.

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