How to get reminders (notifications) in Goal Do+

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GoalD+ can notify you when the due date of an objectif is near.

Before you add a reminder, be sure you have set a due date. If you did not, the reminder will be shown immediately, which is kind of useless.

To add a reminder, you have to go in the goal modification screen, by pressing on the goal in the main screen’s goal list.

Then, you only have to press on the reminder row, meaning alert, or notification.

A dialog will appear, asking you when you want to be notified.

You only have to press on “On time”, if you want to be reminded on the due date exactly.

Of course, you can also press on any other choice to have an alert, for example, 10 minutes, 2 hours or 3 days before the due date.

That’s all, you’ll have a notification when the wanted date arrives.

When the notification appears, you will see a screen offering you 3 choices (“the goal” will be used here to represent the name of the objective):

  • Edit “the goal”.
  • Finished!
  • Later
Edit “the goal”

Clears the notification and sends you to the goal modification screen, allowing you to see the details of the objective.


Clears the notification and the goal, and then sends you to the main screen, with the list of the other goals you set yourself.


The notification will always be in your android device, and you will be able to open this window another time by pressing it.

This is used if you don’t have time now, but you don’t want to forget. You’ll see the GoalD+ logo the next time you open your android device.

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