How to have a personal trainer

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GoalD+ allows you to have a personal trainer.

In order to do so, you simply have to change the category to “Training” (built-in category of the application).

Then, add your exercises as you would add a requirement.

You can also edit the exercises the same way you edit requirements (by pressing on it). You will see the following dialog:

The options are pretty straight forward:

  • You can edit the name
  • Specify the time of the exercise, or the number of repetitions (and the time for each repetition).
  • “Symmetric” automatically “duplicates” the exercise for the left and right sides.
  • The rest before the exercise is the time between exercise (the time to let you prepare for the current exercise).

If you press on “Start Training” (next to the “add exercise” button, or in the reminder screen), the training starts.

You get the following screen, showing you the next exercise, with the time until it begins.

The great part about Goal Do+ is that your android device will say out loud the name of the exercise and the time remaining, so you won’t have to actually look at the screen during your training!

When the exercise start, you will see the following screen, with the remaining time shown. During the exercise, you will hear the remaining time counting, so that you know how much time is left.

You can stop the training by pressing the “pause” button, and restart the exercise by pressing the “play” button that will appear.

If you uncheck “Next Exercise Automatically”, you will have to manually press “Next Exercice” at the end of each exercise. By default, the exercises play one after another without interruption, with a delay you specified in the exercise’s “rest before exercise” option.

If you are annoyed of Goal Do+ talking to you, you can mute in the main screen.


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