The different widget sizes of GoalD+

How to always see your goals on your android “desktop”

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GoalD+ allows you to display your goals on your android desktop.

If you do not know what it is, it’s what you see when you open your android device. It should look like this:Normally, your desktop is not empty, it’s full of widgets, most of them added by your carrier. But, you can easily add your own widget. Here is how:

First, press and hold on the desktop, where you want the widget, until your phone vibrates. You will then see the following menu:

Press “Widgets”, then choose the desired widget. Here are 3 of the 10 possible sizes:

As you can see, there are several different sizes. They are:
[list style=”style4″ line=”no”]

  • GoalD+ 2×1
  • GoalD+ 2×2
  • GoalD+ 2×3
  • GoalD+ 2×4
  • GoalD+ 3×2
  • GoalD+ 3×3
  • GoalD+ 3×4
  • GoalD+ 4×2 (Date Included)
  • GoalD+ 4×3 (Date Included)
  • GoalD+ 4×4 (Date Included)


The numbers indicate the length and height of the widget (length X height).

Regarding the “date included”, it indicates the date besides the goal, as on the widget at the bottom of the previous screenshot. The date display is only available for widgets of width 4, because the date can take up much space.

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