How to set a due date to your goals in Goal Do+

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GoalD+ allows you to set a due date to a goal.

This part is one of the most important when acheiving goals. That’s what will push you to finally start, and then allowing you to acheive more goals, and live the life as you want it.

To set a due date to an objective in GoalD+, you have to  go in the goal modification screen, by pressing on the goal in the main screen’s goal list.

Then, you only have to press on “Due Date”.

A dialog will appear, asking you which date you want.

Slide the month, date and hour from left to right to modify it.

The date and hour shown in the center are the one that are taken into account. For example, in the screenshot above, the time is : september 4th, 20:45.

You can’t set a date that is before the current date and time.

When you have chosen the date you want, confirm, and it’s done. You’ll see the remaining time until the due date you have set when you’ll see the goal : in the main screen, in the modification screen, and in widgets (since version 1.1).

After, if you want to have a notification at the due date (or before), to remind you, you only have to set a reminder.

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