How to use categories in Goal Do+

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GoalD+ allows you to classify your goals by category.

Categories can be considered as folders, where we can sort goals by typ or location, for example.

To do so, you have to go in the goal modification screen, accessible by pressing the goal in the list of the main screen.

You’ll see the following screen:

To change category, you have to press on the folder icon.

Then you’ll see the next dialog:

Then, you understood that you can change the category by choosing one of the predefined categories : “Personal” and “Training”.

You can also add a new personalized category.

To do so, you have to press “New Category”, and you’ll then have to enter the name of the new category:

The created category will be selected automatically for this goal, and then you’ll have access to this new category in other goals, in the dialog to select categories.

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